Subscription Services – The Ones I Personally Use

This is a general post about streaming/subscription services and it includes both their advantages and disadvantages.

I’m personally subscribed to a handful of them, either for music or movies or any other service. Each month my card gets charged for the following:



– Amazon Prime

-Apple Music family


-CBS all Access

-Sling TV

So, the big question is do you really need all of these services? And what’s their value?

The answer is that honestly, I can live with half of them, and the biggest reason I have them is that you can share them with everyone and they all benefit.

However, the biggest disadvantage of all Subscription services is that once you stop paying them, you stop owning everything. They are like an apartment. It can be the best apartment in the world, and you can live in it your whole life, but once you stop paying the rent the landlord will through you out.

On the other hand, though, all of them have a great advantage. They are kept up to date, and up to the current standards in their category.

For example, it would be impossible to own hundreds of millions of songs that Apple Music includes. – and someone can debate that you don’t really need them – but it’s always great to have anything you are willing to hear just sitting on your phone. Spotify seems to always hit my mood, with songs that I have never heard before, just by shuffling one of its playlists.  Apple Music also attracted me mostly because of its integration with Apple’s ecosystem. It is natural, and easy to use, and it feels like the iPhone works better with it.  Lastly, since everyone in my family is hooked on the Apple eco system, the service seemed like the most logical choice.

Moving from music to video, streaming services have changed my life. Yes, you can own a DVR and record all your favorite shows on CBS, but just the amount of worrying for space and settings is not worth it. But even if you get all that figured out, there’s also the problem of watching it where and when it’s more convenient. Since I’m not on a fixed schedule, because of part time work and college, I stream a lot of my content on different devices depending on what else I’m doing at the same time. And all services allow you to pick up from where you left of the previous time.

Lastly, streaming services have also allowed for the most ideal movie nights. No need to worry if I own a movie or not. They are all there.

I love subscription services, but yes, they cost a lot. My suggestion is to share them with friends and family and try to keep them for as long as you can.


Let me know what you think about the article or ask me questions on Twitter @SmartConPpl or in the comments below!apple_music_spotify_competition


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