Using VPN and Setting up a router!

I think I should start with what VPN is and why a personal version could be extremely useful for you.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. And what it does is that it tunnels your connection to the internet through a secure network that cannot be easily tracked. It also allows you to hide the physical location of the IP address. VPN Can also help you avoid weird advertisements following you around or price mechanisms (like airlines) from increasing the price based on your search history.

I use a service by KeepSolid, VPN Unlimited. It costs around 40 dollars a year. And a huge advantage of using VPN Unlimited is that they offer PPTP settings and OVPN settings. (ill get to that later on!)

The service has apps on all platforms, including Mac windows iOS and Android are amazing, however, the average account only comes with an allowance of  5 devices. While that might sound like a lot at the beginning, you will soon discover that it’s not enough. So in my search to enable more people to use the secured network, I found out that I can set up a router with VPN, which will allow everyone on the network to share the same secure network. By setting up 

Before I go on to explain my process, and how I ended up setting everything up, I should mention that by using VPN there are two things you should keep in mind.

  • VPN throttles your speed since it goes through a different server.
  • Also, sharing a VPN through a router could also make the connection even slower.

At the beginning, i tried setting up a VPN client on my existing Asus TM-Ac1900. however that proved complicated, and also extremely frustrating since every time I tried to adjust the settings, it would mess up all my connected devices.

After some research, I also came to figure that it’s better to have a separate router just for VPN, to allow connections only when needed and not constantly, so not all devices will use the throttled network.

I ended up buying a used Linksys E1200 v 2.0 from amazon, for about 12 dollars. This router, has the ability to accept a custom os, a DD-WRT. this makes it super simple to install VPN settings to a router. To do this, you have to also request the settings from the VPN service you are using. And KeepSolid was more than happy to email them to me.


And the experience is now amazing. It’s efficient, safe and definitely useful.
If you have suggestions, questions or you want to offer support comment below or tweet @ smartconppl

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