Philips Hue… The gadgets that become an obsession!

You probably know that I own more than a dozen of the Philips Hue bulbs and blooms etc. All this started 3 years ago when on a Black Friday I decided to purchase a Hue Starter Kit. Back then, the only available Hue lights where the color changing ones. Of course the first couple of months, these new gadgets were all about showing off. Everyone would comment on them, and everyone was impressed with them. With just 2 light bulbs in the living room and one in the bedroom, though, the results were not practical nor amazing. So I started investing more in Hue Blooms. This allowed me to create ambient lighting in larger rooms like the living room. Soon after, Philips introduced the Hue White bulbs. These bulbs were a lot cheaper, and could automate more rooms like the kitchen the apartment.

From that point on it’s where it starts to become an obsession. Any light bulb or fixture that isn’t connected to the system seems old and pointless. As time passed I purchased a 4th hue color bulb,  that now allowed me to have more colorful lighting in my bedroom. At around the same time, amazon Alexa came out, and hue had started to be compatible with Apples Home kit. After trying the echo for a while, I started to realize that while it is fascinating to have a house respond to your spoken commands, it’s not always practical. So decided to give Home-Kit a chance.

To get onboard with Home-Kit however, Philips had to upgrade the hub (from the old round one to the new square one). Even though the transition took some getting used to, Home-Kit seemed like a slightly more coherent solution. Siri was integrating with a huge catalog of products, and everything was happening through your phone. But were Home-Kit got me 100% onboard was the introduction of the Home app. Is it perfect? No, nowhere close to, but it does one thing well, and that is integrating every single smart device I have in my house. (If it is Home-Kit compatible)

So coming back to the Hue system, with more than 15 devices in the house, the need for other methods of controlling them became obvious. So decide to go with one Hue Tap and 2 Dimmer switches, and that where the whole potential unleashed. The house is controlled by voice, an App and physical buttons for those times you choose not to be connected. And to top all that up, Home-Kit ties all that up, so when I use the Tap to turn on a light bulb, the system can trigger a smart plug (the window fan) to turn on too, and vice-versa.

I’ll keep you posted on how the new Hue Sensor works soon. But until then, what do you think about this blog post?

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