Direct TV Now – One of the greatest TV Experiences

I consider myself a millennial, and we are commonly referred to as “Cord – Cutters”. And the truth is I am. Between my school schedule and work, I rarely have time to actually watch my show on the exact time it’s on. Netflix was one of the first services I enrolled on when I first came to the states. And it is still one of the most important ones for me. However, CBS all Access has started to get a big place in my subscriptions too (Mostly because I watch a lot of CBS exclusive shows). However, Amazon Prime and Hulu (Which I have both – Shared with other family members) just don’t have the content that I need for a more background watching experience.

Since my life is filled with smart and connected devices, I have chosen just a fast internet connection at my apartment with no TV or phone service. And this is great. However, I have across some situations where live television is needed. But it still isn’t always in front of my TV in the living room. Sometimes it’s in the kitchen while I’m cooking or cleaning up, other times it’s in my bedroom when I’m tiding up or surfing the web, and sometimes my roommate needs in a different location. So I’ve tried all the services that are around like Sling and PS Vue, but the first doesn’t have all the channels that I want and the latter is far too expensive. Some also suggested that I could use Xfinity’s TV service and then I could stream the content on mobile devices, however the biggest problem of that solution is that Xfinity does not provide an app for streaming boxes like the apple TV and PlayStation, which means that I would have to have a TV box on all the televisions I have, which just isn’t practical.

So when Direct TV Now came out I was actually impressed.

To get things right, I have to first mention that I was one of the first users and I am registered on the 35 dollar promotional package. When I enrolled I also had the chance to get the apple TV for free. That was great deal and I jumped on board immediately.

So the truth is that direct TV has given a great price (on the promotion) with a great channel package. From my experience the service runs great, if we exclude the few times it has buffered over the past 3 months that I’ve had it. And yes at the beginning I had gotten a few errors, but as time passes, the whole experience has become a lot better. Recently they have given a 72 hour DVR which is great if you have missed any show. (It could get a a lot better, but for a new service that pretty generous)

There are however a few things I wish direct TV has given us. First off, since they launched with an Apple TV by their side, I had high hopes that we would be getting support for the Apple Single sign on feature. Also even though the company is working on apps for the PS, Xbox and Roku, we still haven’t heard any news since the launch. Lastly my only real complain is that I wished it had CBS. It’s the channel that I watch most and I would gladly stop paying for CBS all access if I could.


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