From Apple Mail to Inky to Airmail – My main email client

Previously I wrote how Inky (the first email app, after the Native Apple mail app I used) had impressed me as an email client. But at some point, subscription payments started showing up and that was not something I was willing to pay for.

So about a year ago I came across Airmail. A truly revolutionary mail app. The app is fresh and very simple. It can do a lot of things, but at the same time it’s clean and easy. It integrates with my calendars and reminders, OneDrive and a variety of other services. What I also like is that the people behind the app are truly in the Apple ecosystem. There is an app for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and of course the mac. The developers spend time and effort, trying to perfect every aspect of the app, and they are constantly available for any questions or support needed.

Why do I like it so much?

Probably the biggest reason is that it is well built and customized on all platforms. The developers have chosen to use iCloud to securely sync the mailbox account details from device to device, essentially making the process of installing on a new device seamless.

I also like how every a few weeks they come out with updates in the different platforms, customizing each app for the device it’s on. For example, on the mac, the app was one of the first to support the touch bar, on the iPad, the app supported the split view feature from day one, while on the iPhone 3D touch was immediately added to the app. Lastly the app has support for the apple watch, and a great app with a complication. It doesn’t mean that I necessarily use all of these features, but the fact that the team is supporting its apps, just makes it worth the try.

Another amazing thing are the smart folders. These are custom made folders that can merge content from all your accounts and then filter it based on your preference.

I also like the signature feature. It allows me to integrate a customized signature on all my email accounts and syncs it between all my devices immediately.

What I wish it could do?

Web interface – I’m really immersed in the Apple ecosystem, however I find myself a lot of times having to access and check my email while I am at work, or at school, when I’m not on my personal device. Sure I can access all my accounts through their individual websites but then all my settings and passwords are gone. I would love if Airmail could create an online interface.

Airmail is one of the apps that I believe is truly worth the investment on the apple store. Especially if you have more than one Apple device, I promise you will not regret It.!

If you are interested in more information about the app, or have any questions, please comment below or follow me on Twitter @SmartConPplindex

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