Boot camp – Mac’s Hidden tool

For long now, since Mac OS X Leopard that was released in October 2007 Apple has been including a tool on the MacOS operating system called “boot camp”. Boot camp allows a user to install a copy of windows on his mac, and run the Operating system whenever needed. This tool is extremely useful for students but also engineers or any people using software only built for Windows.

So what are the advantages of BootCamp?

  1. As long as you have an authentic Windows copy, the process is super simple.
  2. People that love Apple’s product, especially there amazing design and product quality, are able to use both Windows and Mac on the same device.
  3. This is probably the most important one, but IT’S FREE for Mac Users.
  4. It works relatively bug free.

So what are the not so good things about BootCamp?

  1. Probably one of the most annoying and negative things about this tool, is that it required you to partition the Mac’s hard drive (Split it into two parts – therefore decreasing the capacity of the primary MacOS operating system). If you are unlucky to have a smaller hard drive, 128 or 256 gigabytes, you might have problem, since the Windows partition, requires at least 25 Gb’s for it to work well.
  2. Various reports seem to suggest that the Windows operating system doesn’t seem to use the full specs of the device. (i.e. the device has 8gb’s of Ram, the OS uses 6-7gb’s)
  3. In relation to costly alternatives that are applications on the MacOS system, BootCamp requires the user to restart the system each time they want to use a different OS. This can be sold with Parallels or VMware, but just cost too much.

If you are interested in more information on how to install it, or have any questions, please comment below or Follow me on Twitter @SmartConPpl


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