Can’t Live Without It – The Apple Watch Series 1

I said I didn’t want it right?


Black Friday this year had great deals on all the new Apple watches, which made it impossible to not at least consider buying it. Do I regret it? Of course NOT. Apple Watch is the king of smart watches.  However, I thought I should re-write what I think about it a few months in.

In my previous post, I complained about three things. The battery, the shape, and cellular connectivity. The good thing is that I came to terms with two of them.


So, what happens with the battery?

The battery life on the new Series 1 and Series 2 watches are actually improved. With my experience, the 42mm series 1 apple watch that I own can last me up to 16 to 20 hours depending on my use. So in my daily routine, this means that I can wear it around 8 o’clock in the morning and come home after a long day and it will still have 10-20% battery.


So, the next thing I came to terms with was the cellular connectivity.

The watch doesn’t really need it. I have discovered something interesting after wearing it for a few days. The watch doesn’t have to be in Bluetooth range with your phone, as long as it is on known Wi-Fi (A network that you have connected with before). So that means that unless you are out of home or the school or the office, your device is still connected. Lastly, the watch has the option of saving some music for offline playing. This is handy for occasions where you don’t want to be connected to the phone.


One thing that I’m still jealous of the android wear smart watches or the Samsung Gear S is the shape.

I still believe that a “watch” should be round and not square, however by using the device a few months, I started to realize why Apple went for the square option.

Since the screen is extremely small, the square design allows for more content to be presented to the user, which at the end of the day that’s what the watch experience is all about.

As much as I understand why Apple choose the square shape, I still wish my watch was actually round and more of a classic design, rather than s more futuristic one.


Does it drain the phone’s battery?

The truth is that yes, BUT it’s definitely not excessive. Our phones do so many things and all of them use up a lot of energy, therefore adding one more doesn’t seem to affect it as much, on the other hand, I have actually noticed that sometimes the watch has helped me conserve phone battery because I don’t need to use my phone to see the temperature, my schedule or respond to a quick text.


There are two more little details that I want to point out. I honestly couldn’t justify buying the Series 2 watch, and the truth is it was a good choice. Unless you are an athlete or a swimmer, the Series 1 is a great device and has everything you can ask for, and with discounted prices showing up at Target and Macy’s, You should definitely consider it.


Once I started using the watch I really started to understand a few great things about it.

  1. It’s amazing to always be able to see your notifications.
  2. The interactive complications have all the essential information you would just check your phone for on your wrist.
  3. Steps, standing up and water consumption are more easily monitored and help you achieve your goals more easily.
  4. The watch is the best smart home remote. I can control my Philips hue lights, my ihome smart plugs and my Apple TV all from my wrist.


The truth is I now love it. It’s a great little device that allows for a lot of things to be done. If you can get it for a good price, then just go for it.


Write your thoughts below…

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