My theory about computers at home

So, what’s my theory about computers at home (and I’m referring to desktops and laptops)?

You see people think that having a fancy and good computer at home is always the best and ideal way to go on, I’m not entirely sure that’s true!

I don’t see why a couple or a small family with little children needs a computer at home. Most people nowadays work in offices with computers (macs or PC’s) that could do more than just the basic. I believe that something like a tablet to be perfectly ideal!

For someone that just wants to browse the web, online shop or check their social media profile, there is not really a need for a high spec, high-priced computer.

And since nowadays; a lot of shopping, social and browsing mobile applications (apps) are optimized for tablet experiences, I don’t see why someone would need something more from a desktop device! Also with the correct hardware around, most of the times, you can do everything with your fingers! With Apple’s AirPrint feature, HPs Wi-Fi printing and all other services that offer similar functions, you could definitely have a printer that connects directly to your tablet or phone and helps you do all of the things you need!

But a tablet is not just convenient. A tablet is also a great choice since it’s a low-maintenance, low-cost (or lower cost) compared to a desktop or laptop PC and it is easy to carry around and use!

Then this gives a chance to answer the question, who needs a laptop or a desktop computer at home.

Families with children between the ages of 8 to 18! And why do they need them?

You see families with children in that age group need to let their children realize and understand that their computer is more for work-homework and not having fun! A computer can easily help students in school (and is sometimes required) to do their assignment and at the same time, a parent can use it. Also, another situation is if one parent works from home. (but that’s an entirely different topic)

Another reason why desktop computers are not useful at home is because there is no longer the need for actual physical storage! Pictures no longer need to be stored on the computer, music no longer must sit in your iTunes library, and most family documents could just be uploaded to the cloud! On the other hand, services like Netflix, Hulu, and even DirecTV are easier, more practical and more useful when they’re on mobile devices! You could give your kid a tablet to watch a movie, and as soon as the movie is done you can take it away from them! And then it means that you have more screens available for everyone in the house to use for other activities.

And just so we’re clear you don’t always need to have the fanciest, most expensive tablet. You can find very good tablets in the price range of $100 and $200 that can help any family that needs them.



So, what are your thoughts? Write a comment below!

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