What’s keeping me away from the Apple Watch

This is the opinion of a loyal apple fan, that just can’t justify buying the Apple Watch.

After buying the iPad Pro 9.7 in late March 2016, I promised to myself that I wouldn’t be buying the iPhone 7. And honestly, after its announcement I confirmed to myself that I didn’t need it. Having a 6s plus, I couldn’t see enough reasons to make me update. I was however sure that I would be getting any updated version of the Apple Watch. When the update finally came, I got excited, however the series 1 didn’t get enough changes to make me want to buy it, and the series 2 is just simply too expensive.

In my opinion the Apple Watch is missing 3 very important things to make me want to change to it, no matter what.

  1. Its shape. Im still not comfortable of having a square screen on my hand. It feels weird calling something a watch when it doesn’t even look like one.
  2. Cellular connectivity. If I’m going to be wearing a mobile computer on my hand, I should be able to go anywhere without having my phone (especially since the series 2/nike+ has GPS – I find it pointless without Cellular)
  3. Longer battery. I won’t go crazy and ask for weeks of battery life, but please give us more than a days battery. This will allow me to actually rely on the watch and not be concerned about charging it every night.

Im hoping that the Apple Watch finally gets to where I want it. If it gets the above features, even 2 out of the 3, I would definitely buy it.

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