From the iPad Air to the iPad Pro 9.7

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the upgrade from the iPad Air to the iPad Pro. The air was fast and had some of the nice features from the latest update (picture in picture and the side bar with the overlapping apps). And upgrading from the iPad 2 to the air I was ecxcited – at the same time I also got the new iPhone 5s- so I was on the very latest apple technology. However when I moved to the 6 plus and the 6s plus the iPad started to feel very slow, and the missing finger print scanner was becoming more noticeable. 

A huge limitation of my air was that it was a wifi model with only 16gb of storage. 

So I had decided to upgrade. After the announcement I realized that it would be a good chance for an upgrade . And the truth is that it was. I enjoy everything on the iPad Pro 9.7. 

The speakers are amazing, multitasking is perfect ( which I think should only be on 9.7 and larger devices) cameras are great and I’m excited for the huge potential the smart connector has. The 4g lte is a must for such a device. My only complain is that Apple -same with the iPhone- should shrink the top and bottom bezels. 
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