Inky Mail App – The Review

So as you might know, I am a loyal apple fan, but I also love technology. And recently I had some issues with the mail app on my Mac and iOS devices. Don’t get me wrong, the apps work smoothly and they are flawless. However recently I have been bombarded with tons of junk and spam email on my personal email account. The account is on a private domain, and the server features are minimum, so it was extremely hard to filter the emails. The email provider wasn’t adequate enough, and the Mac mail app just couldn’t filter my mail.

So my search pointed me to Inky. A new email app that pulls together as many accounts as you want and puts them in one place. That’s not something new, it’s the same with what the mail app does. However where Inky got me what’s it’s smart filtering features. The app filters your mail and categorizes it into smart folders. It also learns your email habits and categorizes the mail into how relevant it is.

The key in this app is that nothing happens on Inky’s server. Everything happens on the device, assuring maximum security.

Inky is also introducing different features like aiDrive integration. What I would like to see from them is an online interface so I can access my accounts from everywhere in the world.

There’s two big disadvantages with the app. The mobile app is paid, and costs 10$, which I find too much. The second problem is that both the mobile and the desktop apps are a bit slow and buggy at times.  

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