Choosing The Blu Neo 4.5 (Review)

After moving to the US from Cyprus, I was consistently looking for a secondary phone. A cheap phone that can house my Cyprus sim, but also act as a backup phone in case my iPhone 5s at the time (6 Plus now) had a problem. I didn’t want to buy a cheap Flip phone or generally a Non-smartphone but I didn’t want to buy an expensive smartphone either. For a while I was trying to decide on the OS. Deciding between android, iOs and windows was hard. I’m an Apple loyal, with Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple Tv’s everywhere. An older 4s could have been a candidate however its out-of-date specks do not justify its high price for an unlocked phone. Turning to Microsoft I was hesitant mostly because of the Microsoft store and the future of the platform (with Windows 10 in the Horizon).So I decided to give a shot to Android. It was good chance for me to experience the OS, the phone is upgradable to KitKat and I could play with some apps that are not available on the AppStore.

The Neo 4.5 seemed like a great option. It has medium specks, however the phone is in the right spot. There is enough internal memory for the average apps you need (5-10), the screen is bright and crisp, 2 sim card slots, a memory card slot and it has 4G. On the bad side, the camera is not even for discussion and the headphones are just as good as 2$ off eBay. To be honest though, none of these 2 are important for a secondary phone. Also don’t expect it to be balling fast as an iPhone 6 or a galaxy s5. However the phone has a great battery, good built quality and also comes with a case.

In general its a great phone for light use and a really first entry into the smartphone world. Its cheap and affordable and also nice looking. You will not be disappointed if you realize how much you are paying. E-Mail me if you have questions.

IMG_5292 IMG_5293 IMG_5294 IMG_5295

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